Jonah Interrupted

    Theatre Performance (2012)

    In the year 1999, while a student in theatre design at the University of British Columbia, Canada, I staged an adaptation of the play Jonah by Marin Sorescu. Since then my artistic journey took on a road to break many more rules. Besides taking on the directing and design of a partticular work, the staging goes beyond adaptation, where the entire story line and text are changed to support my vision. Jonah was an adaptation, Jonah Interrupted went beyond.

      Due to the close relationship between my work and my life, the work, although starting with a clear concept, may shift direction, closely following internal battles, at any given time.

      At the time of creating Jonah Interrupted, I was experiencing major personal turmoil, questioning myself and my choices, again, and again.

    The title itself symbolizes that breaking point, the interrupted existence, the gap between two pols.

This questioning has been the leit motif of my work and life and Jonah mirrors nothing more and nothing less than my own anxieties. It is through this process that I find peace. If not in the long term, in the short term. This manifests every time creative elements come into sync. From the overall visual concept to finding the venue and all right people.

      The work shifts direction according to personal dilemmas, but this is by far the only reason. Factors outside my control have always greatly imapcted the journey and the destination of the work itself, the final product.

      Working with space and working from space, means finding the right place/venue.

      Working with people means finding the right people. Then come in the luxuries of the trade, the special effects and artifacts which I strive to keep within my budget that I humorously call my therapy expense budget.

      Jonah Interrupted
      Presented May 18 & 19 @ 8PM
      At the Church of the Ascension
      16 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo NY

      With: Patrick Posey (Jonah Inside the Whale), Jason Bauers - (Jonah Outside the Whale / Percussion), Diane McNamara (Green Fish), Daniel Bassin (Jonah's Trumpet Voice), Nathan Heidelberger, David Rappenecker and Chris Culp (Jonah's Voices / Chorus);
      Choral Composition by Esin Gunduz

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