The piece "Within Boundary or A Ride in the Air" is the essence of simplicity: projected video of parts of a body in an abstracted landscape, very school-of-Bill-Viola. What makes it most interesting to me is not the image or the accompanying soundtrack, but the way these elements are presented: headphones dangle from the ceiling, alongside IV drip bags, each containing a single live fish. It's a simple, very arresting image, and while I'm not entirely sure what it means in the strictest sense, I can definitely identify the feelings it evokes in me, from initial amazement to mild creepiness to admiration for its elegance.

(Ron Ehmke, Buffalo Infringement Festival Blog, August 2007)

Being there for 20 minutes, I recognized that I got more nervous and restless; there were too many people to reach a meditative state, which I thought I was supposed to get into with such artwork. When I recognized my own impatience and the almost aggressive atmosphere in the room, I understood that the audience is part of the installation and we are not supposed to just watch an object but to observe the progress in our mind during the time of the performance. From that point, I was much more focused on the interaction between the artwork and the audience rather than just trying to detect meaning of the images and the artwork itself.

(Daniel Kaminski, Music Theorist and Pianist, Germany)

Most summers, during the annual Infringement Festival, performance artist Ella Joseph opens her Linwood Avenue home and studio to curious visitors. Her dreamlike installations, capable of charming and disturbing an audience in equal measure and always somehow concerned with human vulnerability, have helped her forge an under-the-radar reputation as one of the city’s most intriguing emerging artists.
(Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News, May 2012, Buffalo, New York)

For me, Ella's works are silent poetry that gives very clear elements, which make you feel and think.

(Margarita Stavraki, Visual Artist, Greece)

Ella’s greatest accomplishment as a contemporary artist is found in her strength of genre revolving around avant-garde performance art and tantalizing theatrical ambiance. Sometimes unsettling, always intriguing, her art really ‘makes you think.’ Her unique style toys with, if not appeals to, the subconscious and brings the subconscious to the forefront in such a revolutionary way that ever eludes totally dismissing the experience. You come away from the initial experience finding yourself pulling layers of meaning and metaphor out of her work the more time distances you from the original experience.

(Elena Greco, Fine Artist, Buffalo, New York)