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Parsifal Unspoken Revisited & The Eternal Return - Art Performance and Artist Talk, Presented at the C.G. Jung Center in Buffalo, NY (March 2016)

Crockpot - Video Installation, Presented August 2015 @ ScenoArt Studio & Gallery

The Albatross Shining Blues and The Eternal Return - Live Painting Performance Installation, Presented during Artists in Buffalo, Holiday Open, December 2014 @ ScenoArt Studio & Gallery

The Albatross or Shining Blues - Performance Installation for Movement & Sound, Presented during the Buffalo Infringement Festival, July-August 2014 @ ScenoArt Studio & Gallery

Awaiting Your Arrival - Installation with Salt Prints, Headset & Audio, Presented at Hallwals, Members Exhibition (August 2013) in Buffalo, NY and Parallax in NYC (May 2013)

Jonah Interrupted - Theatre Performance, Presented at the Ascension Church in Buffalo, NY (May 2012)

Awaiting Your Arrival - Performance Installation Presented at the Indigo Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY (January 2011)

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Gallery: Digital Work (Video & Art Prints from Video Stils)

  • A Piece of Earth or Shake Yourself Free:
    Video component of installation work.

    Art Print. 2008

    (click image to play video clip)

  • Over the Rainbow ... Somewhere

    Art Print. 2005

    (click image to play video clip)

  • Bumpy Road:

    Art Print. 2004

    (click image to play video clip)

  • Euphoria or One Piece Always Missing:

    Art Print. 2002

    (click image to play video clip)